If your company has specific needs regarding to financial well-being which are related to the industry, age of employees or the specificity of the work performed, let's work together and create an educational program for your needs!

First of all, we will perform internal research in your organization to examine the moods and real needs of individual employee groups. Next, we will design a strategy and present recommended actions and measures to assess their effectiveness.

Companies can safely offer employees access to tools and sources that will enable them to make better financial choices.


Strategy and implementation

Effect measures

We want to support your organization, so:

  • Fill out the form and tell us about your organization and its financial well-being needs.
  • Let us know how you understand your organization's financial well-being needs. Tell us about result and consequences. Tell us about business struggles and specific problems which need to be solved.
  • Also specify the date and time of the first contact. Our expert will then try to contact you or suggest an alternative date. The sooner we meet and talk, the better.

Fill in the form thoroughly!

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