Make a happy change!

Did you know that you can make your employees happy? All you have to do is support them in achieving financial well-being through education!

Happy employees are healthier. Why?

Scientific evidence shows that low levels of financial well-being affect health, mental well-being, stress levels and employee anxiety.

Introduce an educational program into your organization and your employees will be calmer, more productive and happier!


my name is Dominika

Hello, my name is Dominika Nawrocka and I am a financial educator. My experience and knowledge show that as humans we deal with daily financial challenges differently. Unfortunately, the results vary and the consequences are costly.

Research in the UK shows that an employer's investment in financial well-being support and tools in the organization benefits everyone. Employees receive real help, while employers record tangible benefits such as improved employee health, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and higher employee engagement and satisfaction.

Measures to improve financial well-being don't have to be about big spending or promises of promotions or raises. Rather, it's a matter of making improvements and changes to already existing processes.

Dominika Nawrocka [CEO]

What is Happy Money?


A digital school of financial education for organizations and their employees.


Expert of the employee well-being market in the field of personal finance.


Author of innovative educational products and tools.

Happy Money:) Financial Education Program


Ready-made educational solution to implement immediately
  • Proven educational solution given in an interesting and accessible form
  • The possibility of online education in your convinient time, place and circumstances enriched with additional tools

Online training

Live meetings and consultations


Proven methodology of financial education
  • The program was created on the basis of three years of conducting educational meetings in the field of personal finance
  • The meetings were attended by over 3000 people

3 years od experience

More than 3000 students


An educational program consisting knowledge of personal finance. The program is about independent learning with ready-made educational materials video, PDF and xls. The program covers the following topics: analysis of the current financial situation, management of the home budget, saving, introduction to investing.

Head and money. Beliefs about money and natural financial talents

Work on financial beliefs which blocking financial development. Getting to know your natural financial talents

Analysis of your current financial situation. How to evaluate and draw conclusions

Analysis of the current financial situation in terms of revenues and expenses. Facing the financial truth

Money management and household budget management

Learning how to effectively manage money  and also how to keep a household budget under control

Financial discipline and ways to reduce expenses

Financial discipline and building new habits which help you to reduce costs

Additional ways to increase revenue outside the organization and in your free time

Ways to get additional sources of money after working hours. Ideas, inspirations – ready to implement immediately

Loans and other financial obligations. How to do it right and with a good profit

Borrowing money wisely. How to gain profits and know the boundaries

Effective saving and financial cushion

What is saving and how to effectively accumulate money. Plan to build a financial cushion

Financial security in case of loss of life or health

Life and serious illness insurance. Financial security for you and your family in difficult times

Finances in the family. How to teach family to take care of money

Effective ways how to build new better financial rules and manage your home budget

Investing, and effective ways to multiply money

What is the difference between saving and investing. Which comes first and why. Introduction to Investing

Wedding and divorce. A property agreement, a will, i.e. a mandatory package in the event of...

A package of mandatory documents for each family. How to do it wisely and effectively

Private pension

Filling the retirement gap requires knowledge, time and money. Purpose, plan and implementation

Online platform available 24/7

The program is available in two variants



Full access to the self- study online learning program



Full access to BASIC plus online live webinars

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