financial well-being

We are a team of experienced financial trainers, practitioners and personal finance enthusiasts

We have the ability to convey money knowledge in a practical and interesting way so that every person, regardless of age, education, gender or income level, can discover how to effectively implement this new knowledge in their lives and improve the quality of their lives.

We offer ready-made online educational programs and prepared specifically according to the needs of a specific business.

Ready-made program in the field of financial well-being for employees

Digital educational program in the field of personal finance for self-study

An educational program consisting knowledge of personal finance. The program is about independent learning with ready-made educational materials video, PDF and xls. The program covers the following topics: analysis of the current financial situation, management of the home budget, saving, introduction to investing.

Designed financial well-being programs for employees from a specific organization

Perfectly tailored educational solutions to the needs of a specific organization and its employees

Financial education programs for employees were created based on a result of audit, strategy and recommendations for the needs of a specific organization.

Digital educational products increase financial awareness

Specially designing educational solutions for businesses which implement financial well-being programs

We create educational content in the field of personal finance and financial well-being for organizations.

Free online consultation for HR or training department

Make an appointment for a free online consultation with a financial wellbeing expert and find out what options are available to support employees in this area.